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Hi, I am Granit, and together with my team, I review various projects highlighting their advantages and disadvantages. 

During my journey, I made many mistakes from which I learned. So to prevent you from making the same mistakes, I invite you to join my Academy.

Through my experience, I have learned what are the actions you should take and what should be avoided to achieve the success you strive for.

The industry is full of self-proclaimed “experts” who often spread inaccurate information. Therefore, I want to share my wisdom with you and help you on your path to success.

Honest Project Reviews From a Genuine Expert!

Witnessing all the mistakes you make, as a globally recognized marketing expert who has helped more than 500 companies thrive, I have now decided to share my knowledge and experience with you.

One might think that my accomplishments were made overnight, but this is not accurate. It took me years of hard work and faithfulness to get to where I am now.

After completing my bachelor’s studies at the University of Pristina in marketing I was hired as a salesman. That’s when I started dreaming that one day I would have my own business.

But I just needed a little more understanding and courage and decided to pursue a master’s degree in digital marketing at the University of Sheffield. Now my dream has come true. I am a business owner and I want to share everything I know with you. I make honest reviews of various projects and present them to you. 


All the projects we post in the group are carefully reviewed by me and my experienced team. There is not even the slightest risk of joining the group. On the contrary, the benefits will be enormous. And most of all it’s FREE to join!

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Join our Group Now